A necklace is a jewelry that is worn by suspending it around your neck. It is designed in varied styles such as with pearls, as a string of beads, as a chain, in gemstones, and other different materials. Historically, necklaces have been one of the most crucial body pieces for decoration. They communicate prestige, affiliation, wealth, power, and one’s standing in society. So, how were necklaces worn in the first place? Back then, a standard necklace was created from a collection of local natural materials like bone beads, teeth, and shells. Documented shreds of evidence suggest that this production was prevalent in various ancient cultures all over the world. For luxurious materials, the Mediterranean red coral is known as one of the earliest premium necklaces. It was found in the Alps, sometime around 4200-3400 B.C.E The Celts used a necklace that contained torc and was produced from lunula – a local crescent-shaped engraved variation – whereas the other parts were formed from twisted metal.

The primary purpose of necklaces was to show suitable stylistic and decorative features for their respective periods and regions. This is why the necklaces of each period were vastly influenced by their local cultures. Some of them like the Egyptian beadwork collars, classical Greek and Roman neckpieces still sell like hotcakes. Before the Middle Ages, brooches were the go-to jewelry. However, as the Middle Age era went by, slowly and gradually, necklaces emerged out as the most crucial fashion statement of one’s dress. By the early Renaissance era, they surged to their peak in popularity. In those times, necklaces that contained gemstones and gold chains came in a plethora of designs and were known for reflecting one’s greater social status and wealth in the society. When necklines lowered, a new trend arose in which necklaces with more elaborate features gained prominence. Necklaces were not restricted by gender. Men frequently wore them as a status symbol throughout the Middle Ages. They used to encircle the neck base over a doublet of a man, beneath the elaborate lace ruff.

Today, you can wear a fashion statement like silver arrow necklaces to turn your casual outfit into a more formal and dressier one. You can use solid-colored clothing to appear bold and chic. For instance, you can wear a t-shirt and jeans for a classy look and aid it with any of design of the silver arrow necklaces for ending up with a fashionable and modern look.